The correct wearing of surgical gown is the premise to ensure that the operation is carried out under sterile conditions. The following Hefei C&P will introduce how to wear the surgical gown.

After the surgeon washes his hands, disinfects and wipes them dry, he takes out the surgical gown from the opened sterile surgical gown bag. Grasp the two corners of the collar with both hands, with the inner side facing you, find a spacious place to fully shake it, look at the entrance of the sleeve, throw it up, quickly put both hands into the sleeve, stretch your arms forward, and the nurse will assist. Tighten the waist belt on the back, stretch out the cuffs with both hands, the itinerant nurse further tightened the collar and back tie, and crossed his hands to raise the belt. The nurse put the belt behind the back and helped to fasten it.

After wearing disposable surgical gown, put your hands half straight in front of your chest to avoid touching people or objects around you. Hands should not be placed under the armpit, above the shoulder or below the waist.

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