Disposable laparotomy surgical drape is used for procedures involving access to the abdomen, with an incision drape in the center, surrounded by an absorbent area for draping the patient on the body before abdominal and general surgery. Its primary purpose is to isolate the surgical site from other areas of the patient's body and non-sterile areas of the operating table to help reduce the risk of surgical site infection. The abdominal drape not only helps to protect the surgical site, but also expands the sterile field.

Method of use:

Use the directional markings to orient the abdominal drape, then remove the release liner strips to expose the adhesive strips. Unfold the drape to the left and right, following the directional markings, unfold the drape to the feet and then to the head. Additional features of the surgical drape include velcro tabs to assist in chord management, an instrument pad to minimize instrument slippage and an extra-large absorbent reinforcement.

Designed for safety and convenience, C&P medical abdominal surgical drapes are developed to protect the medical staff and the patients with safety, comfort, and health.