Equipment covers are sterile, single-use, multipurpose coverings with elastic openings that quickly and easily fit a variety of fluoroscopy and operating room equipment, including c-arm machines, cameras, microscopes, intensifiers, transducers, or monitors. Equipment Covers help maintain contamination control requirements by protecting the patient and equipment, providing an effective bacterial and contagion barrier for assorted medical equipment.

The equipment cover has the following features:

1. With an elastic band closure that hugs to the equipment for more safety and protection from harmful bacteria.

2. Easy to apply.

3. The equipment cover is supplied sterile, latex-free, and individually packaged.

4. Dimensions and options can be custom made to your specifications.

5. Ideal for a wide variety of applications in operating room, cath lab, and more.

For C&P, the safety of patients and providers is our top priority. Made of high-quality polyethylene, our equipment cover for medical equipment provides a safe and clean barrier. Using other covering methods, such as trash bags and pillow cases, may increase the likelihood of image artifacts and fluid penetration.