In a hospital, there will be all kinds of patients, and mattresses always face the possibility of various liquid contamination. The bed cover is made of disposable non-woven fabric with excellent waterproof, breathable and antibacterial properties. It is used to cover the mattress, effectively protect the hospital mattress from the influence of urine, blood and other body fluids to extend its lifespan , and also helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew, preventing the development of bedsores and cross-infections. The soft and comfortable non-woven fabric is covered with a breathable waterproof membrane, which allows the human skin to breathe normally and brings you a good comfortable experience.

When choosing items such as covers for hospitals, the following factors need to be considered:

1. Materials

The hydrophilic non-woven fabric has strong liquid absorption capacity, and has excellent air permeability and antistatic properties, which brings more comfortable and dry experience to patients.

2. The right size

The right size of hospital bed covers will fit well on the mattress without crease or tug. Folds and creases in sheets and pillowcases can lead to bedsores or skin clipping (pulling and tearing of delicate skin). For the bed covers, you should also consider the length and elasticity of the rubber bands.

3. Skin protection

The more breathable the bed covers you choose, the less likely the patient's skin will break. Typically, disposable bed covers or medical bed covers are the most breathable, and many standard hospital bed covers have skin protection options and materials, that are free from chemical agents and latex and soft on sensitive skin. 

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