The sterile cesarean drape is a disposable surgical drape for the delivery of infants via caesarean section, which allows medical personnel to manipulate the baby into position for cesarean section access without compromising the sterile field. The c-section drape covers the surgical area with a fluid collection pouch designed to receive excess body fluid that overflow from the patient's peritoneal region, preventing fluid from reaching the patient's body surface during surgery. It has excellent barrier and protecting against infection properties.

How to use a cesarean section drape:

After opening the package, follow the directional markings to orient the drape. Next remove the release liner to expose aperture incise and apply to the dry abdomen. Press down to engage the adhesive. Next, unfold the drape side to side, then unfold to the feet, then the head, and finally to the arm boards. Smooth down the drape and cut ports to apply suction as needed.

Disposable c-section drapes are made of impermeable material to help prevent microbial transfer, supporting patient safety with effective infection control. Hefei C&P offers wide range of procedure specific surgical drapes, ensuring that draping is as quick and easy as possible to save time or improve efficiency. Welcome to consult!