Sterile surgical drapes are used during the operation to prevent contact with unprepared surfaces and maintain the sterility of the environmental surface, equipment and the patient's surroundings. At the same time, during the procedure, the operators will also wear sterile surgical gowns to maintain the sterility of the surgical field and reduce the risk of pathogen transmission to patients and staff.

After preparation of the surgical site is complete, the ordinary drape or an adhesive plastic incise drape, either plain or impregnated with an antibacterial agent (primarily iodophor), is used on the patient's skin, and the surgeon cuts both the skin and the drape itself. Surgical drapes are used to create a sterile field around the surgical site and establish a physical and microbial barrier to prevent the migration of microorganisms from the skin to the surgical site.

Proper selection of sterile surgical drapes is the basic practice for establishing and maintaining a sterile field. The surgical drapes of Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd. are made in the ISO 8 standard clean room, certified by CE and ISO13485, and comply with the EN13795 standard, which increase the guarantee for your surgery.