Shoe covers are personal protective equipment used in a variety of environments to provide a protective layer to shoes when entering or working in different environments, such as sensitive areas that limit contamination. The most common color is blue, and the shoe covers are elasticated to make application simple and easy and allows for several sizes of shoe to fit the cover. The elastic also helps the shoe cover stay in place until it is only stretched to the desired size.

What does a shoe cover do?

Shoe covers help prevent contaminants from entering or contaminating work areas, especially sensitive areas that can be easily affected, which include laboratories, food industry and ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive areas. Some shoe covers comply with EN 61340-5-1 standard to ensure their safe work in ESD area and protect sensitive equipment from damage. However, shoe covers are not only used in sensitive areas, but also used by contractors and installation technicians when visiting customers' homes or places to prevent the entry of dust and other pollutants. Disposable shoe covers allow any contamination picked up in one area to be disposed of before moving to the next area, further preventing cross-contamination or spread. In addition, they can also protect the shoes from the influence of the surrounding environment and avoid cleaning the shoes after use, thus saving time. They can also prevent users from having to take off their PPE shoes when entering an area, so as to maintain the best level of user safety and eliminate time-consuming alternatives again.

Application of shoe cover:

Agriculture, food, laboratory, electronics, hygiene, pharmaceutical, industrial, electrostatic discharge sensitive areas.