Isolation gown has the advantages of non-toxic, no odor, high-efficiency bacteria isolation, high strength, good filtration, and has the functions of antistatic, alcohol resistant, plasma resistant and waterproof. It can be used in hospital, clinic, beauty salon, laboratory, factory and so on. So how to wear and take off the isolation gown?

Wearing the isolation gown:

1. Take out the clothes: Take the collar and take off the clean face of the isolation gowns toward yourself;

2. Wearing sleeves: Hold the collar with one hand, and put the other hand into the sleeve on one side. Raise your arm, wear the sleeve, and wear the other sleeve according to the method;

3. Collar: Hold the collar with both hands, straighten the collar from front to back, and tie the neckline;

4. Tie the belt: tie a knot on the back with a belt.


Taking off the isolation gown:

1. Unfasten the belt: Unfasten the belt and tie a knot at the front;

2. Uncuff: Cuff part of the sleeve into the sleeve at the elbow;

3. Disinfect your hands;

4. Untie the neckline: untie the tie;

5. Put your right hand into the sleeve of the left wrist, pull down the sleeve and pass the hand, hold the outside of the right hand isolation sleeve with the covered left hand, pull down the right sleeve, and gradually withdraw your arms;

6. Hold the collar with both hands, fold the isolation clothing, align the clothing edges, and hang it on the clothes hook.

Our disposable medical isolation gown has passed ISO13485 and CE certification of European Union. It conforms to the international standards of EN13795 and AAMI3 & 4. Welcome to consult!