Shoe covers are common personal protective equipment in medical, clean room, chemical, industrial, laboratory and emergency environments. They prevent potentially dangerous substances (including organic and chemical particles) from coming into contact with the person's shoe soles.

When do I need to wear shoe covers?

1. In cold winter or spring, shoes are often stained with mud or water, and shoe covers are very helpful in reducing mess.

2. When private contractors use equipment in a client's home, wearing shoe covers can ensure that the client's home is as clean as possible while working.

3. Shoe covers are often worn in emergency rooms, operating rooms, laboratories and clean rooms. In addition, shoe covers are also required when entering the room of a patient with highly contagious disease.

4. Use in public. Shoe covers reduce the spread of contamination, help keep the room and environment clean, and help keep shoes clean.

Four benefits of wearing shoe covers:

1. Reduce the spread of pollution. Disposable shoe covers can be thrown away directly after use. This greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination and prevents the spread of potentially harmful substances to other areas.

2. Helps maintain a clean room and environment. Shoe covers prevent contamination of the building or surrounding substances that might damage the floor or damage the sterility and cleanliness of the room.

3. Helps keep shoes clean. Many activities required for work may expose employees to materials that may stain or damage shoes. Shoe covers provide a physical barrier between these materials to keep shoes clean.

4. Improve customer satisfaction. Many customers have specific personal, health or religious reasons against putting shoes at home. When it is unsafe or inappropriate for personnel to take off shoes, shoe covers provide a reasonable choice. Additionally, customers feel more comfortable and safe in a clean environment.

Shoe covers are valuable personal protective equipment for customers, employees, and the family or work environment. If you are ready to use shoe covers, please contact our company immediately.