Most airlines currently require passengers 2 years of age and older to wear masks, even if they are fully vaccinated and given a booster shot, which is in line with the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that is, with the continuous spread of highly infectious variant virus, people who have been fully vaccinated will continue to wear masks indoors. If you can't avoid traveling, be sure to take appropriate precautions to minimize the risk of infection, and one important thing you can do is to wear a face mask to protect yourself as much as possible.

The best face mask for flying on an airplane depends on your risk factors. Low-risk people (vaccinated people without impaired immune function) can use cloth masks or surgical masks. But if you're at higher risk, or just want to be as careful as possible, then an N95 or KN95 mask would be the right choice. It is also recommended to use disposable masks instead of reusable masks, as they are discarded after each use, ensuring you always wear a clean mask. But remember, the fit is also key, make sure your mask has a tight seal around your nose and mouth.