During surgery, bacteria on the skin can survive and carry into the wound. Use sterile surgical drapes to prevent contact with unprepared surfaces and to maintain the sterility of environmental surfaces, equipment and the patient's surrounding environment by immobilizing bacteria and providing continued antimicrobial activity, helps to reduce the risk of surgical site infection.

Most human surgeries use clear surgical drapes over the incision site. The rest of the patient is covered with the standard disposable non-woven surgical drape. The drape features an absorbent, protective material barrier throughout the drape that inhibits penetration and provides resistance to microbial penetration.

The adhesive surgical drape has the following advantages:

1. Antibacterial

2. Liquid and pathogen resistance

3. High elasticity

4. Low sensitivity

5. Medium viscosity

Surgical drapes help prevent infection in the operating room. Hefei C&P uses innovative technology and advanced materials to manufacture disposable surgical drapes with the highest level of performance and reliability. Welcome to consult!