1. Grasp the sterile surgical gown, you can open the sterile surgical gown without contaminating the area at risk. Put your hands in the armholes. Hold the surgical gown away from your body and let it fully unfold.

2. Slip your hands and forearms into the armholes and sleeves; keep your hands at shoulder level and away from your body.

3. Please push your hand to the edge of the cuff.

4. The nurse should pull the surgical gown over the shoulder and only touch the inner side of the surgical gown.

5. The nurse should fix the neckline.

6. The nurse should fasten the inner belt of the surgical gown.

7. Put on gloves, grasp the belt card with both hands, separate the left outer belt from the belt card, and hold the belt in your left hand.

8. Give the belt card to the nurse, and then turn three-quarters to the left while the nurse extends the outer belt to its full length.