The disposable fluid collection pouch for surgery is formed by heat-sealing the edges of two soft plastic sheets. The upper end of the fluid collection pouch is equipped with aluminum strips, which can be bent arbitrarily to collect the liquid in the operation to the greatest extent, and there is an fluid collection pouch hole at the bottom. A leaking nozzle is welded at the hole of the fluid collection pouch to discharge the liquid. At the same time, the fluid collection pouch is equipped with a filter layer for the collection of residual tissue during the operation, which is convenient for physical and chemical analysis.

The fluid collection pouch can store the contaminated fluid in a concentrated manner during the operation, which will not cause the contaminated fluid to leak out, and also provide convenient operation for medical staff. The fluid collection pouch can protect patients from the intrusion of germs brought by medical staff and the environment, and at the same time protect clinical medical staff from the contamination of patients' blood, body fluids and secretions, and fully block the two-way transmission of bacteria and viruses between doctors and patients.

The fluid collection pouch is mostly used on special surgical drapes for high-fluid surgery (such as: arthroscopy, caesarean section, ophthalmology and so on). For more information, please refer to our catalog.