The disposable nonwoven laparotomy drape with an incise drape in the centre, surrounded by an absorbent area. It is used to drape patients before abdominal and general surgery. The incise drape allows the surgeon to cut through a sterile field, while the vertical isolation section allows the doctor and the nurse to be separated from other unprepared areas. These disposable laparotomy surgical drapes are mainly used for the laparotomy procedure.

The characteristics of laparotomy drape are as follows:

1. Absorbent throughout entire drape

2. Resistant to Strike through

3. Fluid Control Features

4. Reliable, dependable adhesive

C&P's drape is made of the tried and tested SMS fabric, which has extremely high barrier strength. Made of 100% polypropylene, SMS drapes are soft and drapable. The sterile laparotomy drape has low linting properties and a very uniform fibre lay-down for consistent performance. Designed for safety and convenience, C&P medical surgical drapes are developed to protect the medical staff and the patients with safety, comfort and health.