The non woven hip surgical drape, including the master drape and the fluid collection pouch, the master drape is composed of PE cast film and composite non-woven fabric, the center of the master drape has a hole, and the non-woven fabric of the master drape is bonded and fixed with a soft tape , The soft tape covers the hole, and the soft tape has surgical holes; the non-woven fabric around the hole is bonded and fixed with a reinforcing sheet, the side of the reinforcing sheet is fixed with a fluid collection pouch, and the main sheet is fixed with a mother buckle. During hip surgery, the position of the catheter can be easily fixed by the snap button, and the size of the surgical hole can be adjusted arbitrarily through the soft tape to meet the needs of the operation; at the same time, the fluid collection pouch fixed on both sides can store the liquid and other dirt produced by the operation to prevent liquid leakage.