Before the sms isolation gown is made into a finished product for packaging, it must go through a folding process. The reasonable and scientific folding method can complete the whole process of opening and wearing in a short time, making it very convenient for people to use.

The structure of the isolation garment basically includes a body, left and right sleeves, and left and right waist belts. Our folding method is to fold the left and right body in half and fold the back inside. This folding method folds and wraps key areas such as the body, left and right sleeves, etc., without destroying the overall sterility of the clothes, reducing and avoiding cross-infection. You only need to put your hands on the edge of the neck when dressing The entrance formed between the back of the body and the back of the body expands inward along the space of the sleeves, so that you can complete the dressing action by yourself, which is convenient to wear.