Now there are more and more bacteria in the hospital, so more and more attention is paid to sterilization. Before entering the operating room for surgery, the medical staff must quickly prepare for the operation in advance, so as to win more time for the operation. Therefore, the disposable operation pack has been widely used. What are the advantages of disposable surgical pack?

1. Cost saving of One-time surgical pack: the conventional products needed for surgery are concentrated in a combined package, which can reduce the cost more than purchasing each product separately;

2. Time saving and labor saving: the combination package can prepare all the conventional products needed for the operation, which reduce the preoperative preparation time of medical staff, and win time for the operation with every second;

3. Safe and reliable use: all products are disposable products, strictly in line with the relevant quality standards at home and abroad. The whole production process, from raw materials to finished product assembly, is completed in the purification workshop. Minimize the risk of initial pollution, coupled with strict control of sterilization, to ensure product safety.

4. Professional design: The stable and professional development team designs the appropriate component configuration according to the surgical characteristics of all parts of the human body.

5. Personalized customization: We provide surgical gowns of various materials, surgical drapes specially designed for a certain operation, and various medical dressings to meet the needs of various types of operations.