Disposable cardiovascular surgery pack is mainly used for the protection of heart surgery. It provides barrier and protection for the blood, body fluids, and secretions of patients with specific potential infections that medical staff come into contact with at work.

The functions of the accessories in the surgical pack are as follows:

1. Surgical gown: good protection performance, with bacteria isolation, antibacterial properties and comfort.

2. Cardiovascular surgery drape: spread on the patient, leaking out the surgical site, forming an isolation barrier between the patient and the medical staff.

3. Surgical sheet: Cover the patient, effectively block the penetration of liquid and bacteria, and prevent cross infection.

4. Gauze: hemostasis, pressing, and liquid absorption during the operation.

5. Tablecloth: Help reduce the risk of contaminating the instruments on the table and maintain a sterile area.

6. Mayo stand cover: It is used to protect the instruments or to pack the waste during the operation.

7. Hand towel: used for wiping by the operator during the operation.

8. Needle bag: It is used to collect any unsterilized items or items that are no longer used for surgery and keep the aseptic operating room clean.

9. Wrapping cloth: It is used to wrap all the accessories in the surgical pack. After the surgical pack is opened, it can be used as an instrument tablecloth.

10. Instrument cover: protect the instrument.