Now there are more and more bacteria in the hospital, so more and more attention is paid to sterilization and disinfection. Before entering the operating room for surgery, medical staff must make quickly prepare for the operation in advance, so as to gain more time for the operation. General surgical kits usually consist of surgical drapes, paper towels, OP tapes, mayo stand cover, wrapping cloth, etc. In addition, the operation accessories can be added or decreased according to the operation requirements. The universal surgical kit is made of high quality non-woven material. The product is non-irritating, non-toxic, tasteless, and has no side effects on the human body. It can effectively absorb exudates and prevent bacteria from invading.

The main functions of the universal surgical kit are as follows:

1. Surgical drape (side drape, head drape and foot drape): cover the patient to isolate the liquid and bacteria, and the adhesive tape can be better fixed;

2. Surgical hole towel: cover the patient to block the penetration of liquid and bacteria to prevent cross infection;

3. Hand towels: for doctors to wipe their hands after disinfection;

4. OP tape: used for fixing and sealing, such as fixing catheters and drapes;

5. Mayo stand cover: It is put on the instrument tray, and can also be used as a chair cover or wrap post-operative medical waste;

6. Wrapping cloth: wrapping surgical accessories.

C&P sterile general surgical pack is safe and reliable, all products are single-use products and strictly in line with the relevant quality standards at home and abroad. The entire product production process, from raw materials to finished product assembly, is completed in the purification workshop to minimize the risk of initial pollution, plus strictly controlled sterilization to ensure product safety.