Surgical fenestrated drape is a surgical drape specially used to perform surgery on a specific part of the patient. The surgical drape has a hole for a specific surgical location. The doctor can perform surgery on this preset hole position.

The function of surgical fenestrated drape:

1. It has a good barrier and repels all kinds of liquids and body fluids (including blood) that appear during the operation, and has the two-way effect of preventing microorganisms from infiltrating the operation wound and protecting the medical staff.

2. Has good air permeability. Good air permeability can ensure that medical staff are in a good and comfortable state during long-term surgery.

3. The hole can fully reveal the surgical field of vision, which is conducive to intraoperative positioning.

Scope of application:

Fenestrated drape sheets are mainly used for anti-fouling and isolation in hospital wards, obstetrics and gynecology department, ENT department and operating room clinical nursing. Avoid that the dust formed by suspending fibrous particles in the air during the operation will become the carrier of various germs and fall on the important tissues and organs of the patient's body to cause infection. Surgical fenestrated drapes can effectively block the leakage of various body fluids of patients to protect medical staff.