Newborn babies need to be wrapped with appropriate items when they are in the delivery room. Due to the environmental differences inside and outside the mother, the organs of newborn babies are not well developed, the body temperature regulation is poor, and the requirements for the PH of wrapped articles are relatively high. The most suitable PH range for newborn babies is 4.6-7.5. Generally, the fabric material is not absorbent and soft enough, the contact with skin is too cold, and the skin is uncomfortable. If the production control is not strict, its PH range is wide, and its upper or lower limit often exceeds the most suitable PH of the newborn, irritating to the newborn's skin and even cause redness.

The disposable non-woven baby blanket comprises a contact layer, a warm water absorbing layer and a water repellent layer. The contact layer is made of spunlaced nonwovens with high strength, low fuzzing, high hygroscopicity, fast hygroscopicity, good air permeability, soft handle and good drapability, and the PH value is suitable for newborn baby's skin to prevent newborn baby's skin allergy; the warm water absorbing layer is made of needle punched nonwovens with fast water absorption and good heat preservation performance; the water repellent layer is made of water repellent SMS nonwoven fabric, which prevents leakage.

The nonwoven disposable baby blanket integrates the functions of water absorption, warmth, moderate PH and leakage prevention. The baby blanket can be used without diapers, saving costs, and avoiding the problem of baby skin allergies caused by poor air permeability when diapers are used, and providing a comfortable wrapping environment for babies.