The sterile natural delivery surgical pack is usually composed of surgical gowns, surgical drapes, tablecloths, baby blankets, gauze, umbilical cord clamps, leg covers and mayo stand cover. In addition, operation accessories can be added or removed according to operation requirements. The main characteristics of the baby delivery surgical pack are good water resistance, good water absorption, good flexibility, less flocculation, anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-oil and other advantages, which can effectively protect patients and medical staff.

1. Surgical gown: It is highly protective and can prevent the penetration of blood, grease and alcohol;

2. Surgical pad: placed under the parturient to prevent the amniotic fluid and other liquids from contaminating the bed;

3. Strengthen the tablecloth: wrap all kinds of accessories in the surgical bag, after the surgical bag is opened, it can be used as an instrument tablecloth;

4. Baby blanket: soft and comfortable, warm and absorbent, used to wrap newborn babies;

5. Gauze sheet: for hemostasis, pressing and liquid suction during the operation;

6. Umbilical cord clamp: used for ligating the umbilical cord of newborn babies;

7. Leg sleeves: used for aseptic isolation of lower limbs to protect and keep warm;

8. Mayo stand cover: set on the instrument tray, and can also be used as a chair cover or post-operative medical waste.

The medical disposable childbirth drape pack is developed according to the needs of obstetrics and gynecology surgery, it contains all the components needed before and after the operation of obstetrics and gynecology. It saves time and purchase cost, effectively reduces the risk of cross-infection, and is used for one-time protection during operations in the corresponding departments of medical units.