The surgical side drape sheet includes a main sheet and a double-sided adhesive tape, wherein the double-sided adhesive tape is arranged on the edge of the main sheet. The double-sided adhesive tape includes a colloid layer and a release paper. The colloid layer is set at the edge of one end of the main sheet, and the release paper is set on the colloid layer. The release paper and the colloid layer are aligned along the edge of the main sheet, one side of the colloidal layer is adhered to the main sheet and the other side is attached to the release paper. It is usually used to cover areas that have not been operated on during surgery for infection control.

Features of surgical side drape:

1. Double-sided adhesive tape can fix medical non-woven fabric and human skin;

2. Strong liquid absorption ability, which can quickly absorb blood and body fluids generated during the operation, avoiding being stuck on the patient's body and causing cross-infection;

3. The release paper peeling is convenient, fast and complete, which saves the time for surgical preparation.