Cesarean section surgery drapes are made of waterproof materials. The central part is provided with an oval surgical operation port. Both sides of the surgery drapes are equipped with a restraint belt with nylon tape. There is a circle of adjustment holes around the operation port. A rubber cord is worn, and the ends of the rubber cord are clamped and fixed by a spring clip at the end of the rubber cord; the bottom surface of the surgical drape is provided with an antifouling layer, and the middle of the antifouling layer is provided with a hole corresponding to the operation port The antifouling layer includes a bacteriostatic layer, a water-permeable layer and an adsorption layer from bottom to top. The adsorption layer is closely attached to the surgical drape; a liquid collection device is also provided on one side of the surgical drape, and the liquid collection device includes a liquid collecting pouch, catheter and suction device.


1. Due to the adjustment channels and rubber cords, the size of the operation port can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation, which is convenient to adjust;

2. Since both sides of the surgical drape are equipped with restraint belts with nylon tape, the drape can be stably covered on the surgeon during the operation and will not move randomly, which is beneficial to the operation;

3. Since the bottom of the surgical drape is close to the patient, there is an anti-fouling layer, which is composed of a bacteriostatic layer, a water-permeable layer and an adsorption layer, which can make up for the secondary pollution generated during the operation and has a good sterilization and adsorption effect;

4. Due to the liquid collecting device, the large amount of liquid produced during the operation can be quickly cleaned up and absorbed, which can effectively improve the operation effect and efficiency.

The c-section birth drape is mainly used for isolation and protection, absorbing various liquids produced during the operation, thereby improving the efficiency of the operation and hygiene requirements, and according to the individual conditions of the mother, the size of the operation port of the caesarean section can be customized. The caesarean section surgery sheet is simple in structure and convenient to use, which can effectively improve the efficiency and effect of the caesarean section operation.