The non-woven abdominal surgical pack is composed of abdominal surgical drapes, surgical towels, instrument tray covers, paper towels and surgical gowns, which are stacked together in a wrapper, and the wrapper is folded into a square shape and placed in a packaging bag. The abdominal surgical drape is composed of PE cast film and non-woven fabric composite on the front side. The middle part of the abdominal surgical drape has a surgical hole, the middle part of the non-woven fabric is bonded and fixed with a reinforcing sheet, and the middle part of the reinforcing sheet has a through hole. The through hole is aligned with the surgical hole, and the left and right sides of the reinforcing sheet have folded edges; the non-woven fabric is formed with a frame-shaped groove, and the reinforcing sheet is in the frame-shaped groove, and the bottom surface of the frame-shaped groove is coated with medical adhesive. The frame shaped reinforcing sheet is adhered to the medical adhesive and covers the frame-shaped groove. It packs the surgical gown in a combination bag, and prepares a comprehensive auxiliary device for abdominal surgery. The abdominal surgery drape can be decomposed according to different amounts of blood, so as to be able to absorb enough blood and body fluid, the effect is obvious. The surgical towel can prevent the bacteria from migrating to the wound at the edge of the incision, and can completely collect blood and excreta generated during the operation, thereby avoiding the occurrence of cross-infection events.

Product advantages:

1. Soft and comfortable, good flexibility

2. Good water resistance, blocking the penetration of liquid and bacteria

3. Good water absorption

4. Antistatic, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-oil stain

5. Prevent cross infection

6. Folding method, easy to operate, save time and effort

Abdominal surgery pack is quick to spread before surgery to ensure the sterility of the operation. It can be used for laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hernia resection, appendectomy, adhesion lysis and other operations.