Surgical hole towel is a surgical drape specially used to perform surgical operations on a specific part of the patient. There will be a pre-opened hole on the disposable fenestrated drapes. During surgery, you only need to perform surgery at this preset hole position. It greatly avoids the chance of infection in a cross-infection environment, and also makes the efficiency higher. For patients, surgical drapes also take care of patients' privacy.

How to fold the disposable hole towel? The steps and methods of folding surgical hole towel are as follows:

1. Spread

2. Fold the left side to the center line position

3. Fold the right side to the midline position

4. Leveling

5. Continue to fold the right side to the midline position

6. Continue to fold to the center line on the left side

7. straighten

8. unfold and straighten

9. folding

10. Straighten

11. Fold

12. Folding

13. folding

14. Finish, the hole position is upward