The ophthalmic surgery pack includes ophthalmic drapes, surgical gowns, hand towels, eye pads, gauze, cotton balls and wraps. In addition, other surgical accessories can be added according to the operation requirements. The ophthalmic surgical drape is made of double-layer PP composite material, spunlace non-woven fabric or SMS non-woven fabric. The eye surgical drape has a hole that exposes the operation area. The hole is surrounded by a medical surgical film and fixed around the surgical incision. There is a liquid collecting pouch on it to facilitate the collection of intraoperative liquid, which makes the operation process clean and reduces operation hindrance. The raw material of the surgical gown is spunlace non-woven fabric or SMS non-woven fabric, which is used to isolate and protect the patient and the doctor; the hand towel material is strong dust-free paper, which is used for wiping before or after surgery; Eye pads are used for aseptic application, bandaging and fixation after ophthalmic surgery; gauze and cotton balls are used for preoperative wound disinfection or intraoperative wound fluid absorption; wrapping cloth is used to wrap various accessories in the surgical pack, folded into square shape and placed in the packaging bag. The ophthalmic surgery pack is simple, economical and practical.

Product advantages:

1. The fabric is soft and comfortable, with good flexibility;

2. Good water resistance, can effectively block the penetration of liquid and bacteria, and prevent cross infection;

3. Good water absorption, effectively absorb the exudate during the operation;

4. Antistatic, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-oil stains;

5. The folding method is easy to operate, save time and effort.