Packing a surgical pack can establish a sterile barrier. Through packaging, it resists the invasion of microorganisms, dust particles and moisture. Under certain circumstances, the storage safety period is provided to ensure that the contents of the sterile surgical pack are sterile before use. At the same time, it protects the equipment and avoids damage during transportation and handling.

Operation Method and Procedure:

1. Clean the packing table and prepare the materials.

2. Write or print the sterilization label according to the recycling or cleaning list.

3. Check the cleaning quality and function of the wrapping cloth and equipment meet the requirements.

4. Lay the outer and inner wrapping cloth. The wrapping cloth shall be clean, dry, flat, free from damage, lint, and the size of the wrapping cloth shall be consistent with the contents.

5. Place the basket and lay absorbent paper. The size of the absorbent paper matches the basket.

6. Check the type and quantity of equipment.

7. Put the instruments in the basket. Except for the cloth pliers and buckle teeth, the instruments should be protected, placed and classified in accordance with the requirements.

8. Place the chemical indicator in the disposable surgical pack.

9. Fold the inner side of the inner cloth upside down and fold it back, and fold the far side down and fold it back; place the instrument check card; fold the left side to the right and fold it back, and fold the right side to the left and fold it back.

10. Fold the lower corner of the outer wrapping cloth up to cover the package, and fold the corner down.

11. Fold the left corner to the right and reflex the corner to the left; fold the right corner to the left and reflex the corner to the right;

12. Fold the upper corner of the outer wrapping cloth down into the package. (Do not roll over the surgical pack)

13. Seal and paste the chemical indicating tape with various information. (product name, sterilization date, sterilization validity period, packager, quality inspector, etc.)

14. All kinds of surgical instrument packs should not be too large. The volume of the lower exhaust pressure steam sterilization shall not exceed 30cmx30cmx25cm, the volume of the pulse vacuum sterilizer shall not exceed 30cmx30cmx50cm, and the weight shall not exceed 7kg.


1. The equipment and packaging materials meet the standard requirements.

2. The technique is correct, the packaging is tight, the tightness is moderate, the mark is clear, smooth, and beautiful in line with the standard principles.

3. Clear identification and correct package. The length of the chemical indicator tape is 8-10cm, and the length of the sealing tape matches the weight and volume of the package.