We all know that doctors wear disposable surgical gowns during surgery, and the most common ones are green or blue. So why are the surgical gowns in the operating room all green or blue? There are four main reasons:

1. Avoid the interference of complementary color afterimages and ease the visual pressure. People stare at one color for a long time, and then look at other places. In order to get their own balance, the eyes produce a complementary color as an adjustment. During the operation, the doctor holding the knife for a long time focuses on the scarlet blood and suddenly changes his sight.  The afterimage of the complementary color produces the feeling of seeing green. At this time, if the surgical gowns are white, they will be affected by the green produced by the afterimage of the complementary color, which will lead to the inability to concentrate; however, if the doctor wears green or blue surgical gowns, It can avoid the visual pressure caused by complementary color afterimages.

2. In addition to the non woven surgical gown is green or blue, all surgical drapes are also green or blue during the operation. This is because a clear vision is required during the operation, and red and green are contrasting colors. When the red blood gets on the green cloth, it will appear black and it will not look so bloody.

3. Green represents vitality, and doctors wearing green surgical gowns can give people a hope of life.

4. Surgical gowns and disinfection towels during surgery need to be repeatedly sterilized at high temperature and used repeatedly. Even if the green or blue surgical gown is stained with blood, it is not easy to leave blood stains after frequent cleaning and disinfection.