In the process of constantly developing new products for medical surgical gowns, many manufacturers have overlooked a seemingly small, actually significant technical problem, that is, the folding method of surgical gowns. No matter what kind of surgical gown, before the finished product is packaged, it must go through a folding process. For the same batch of disposable surgical gowns, the folding methods are different, and the effects brought by them are very different. The folding method is scientific and reasonable, and it is very convenient for medical staff to use it. It can complete the whole process of opening and wearing in a short time, which won a very precious time for the operation. This point is particularly significant in emergency surgery. On the contrary, if the surgical gown is improperly folded, it will be troublesome to wear it, and the operation time directly linked to life may be wasted. Moreover, these small behaviors in the early stage of surgery are also very important for the surgeon's psychological state. Compliance and discomfort are likely to bring two diametrically opposite results.

Our surgical gowns are folded as follows:

① Unfold and level the lapels of the surgical gowns upward, and fold the lapels of the two sides outwards once respectively;

②Turn the surgical gown up and down so that the placket is facing down, fold the two sleeves inward, lay it flat, and attach a label to the belt;

③ From bottom to top, it will be aligned and stacked up three times in sequence;

④ It is evenly stacked from the two sides to the middle;

⑤ Align the center line, and align and fold both sides;

⑥ Put on the label to complete the folding process.