Reinforced surgical gown is a sterile protective clothing worn by doctors during operation, experiment and research, which is used to isolate the infection caused by bacteria and other factors, avoid secondary infection to patients, and prevent the infection of medical staff by alcohol, blood and other liquids. The key areas such as sleeves and chest were covered with PP + PE stiffeners to enhance the protection and isolation. It is mainly used in medical operation, patient treatment, epidemic prevention inspection in public places, disinfection in virus contaminated areas, and also widely used in military, agriculture, animal husbandry, chemical industry, environmental protection and other fields.

The characteristics of reinforced surgical gown:

1. All in one, front opening.

2. Strong and durable, resistant to tearing and abrasion, comfortable, soft, light, breathable, lint-free, anti-pollution, anti-static.

3. It can penetrate air and water vapor, and can repel water-based liquids and aerosols.

4. Made of 100% high-density polyethylene, free of fillers, adhesives and silicon.

5. The surface is smooth to repel the inorganic liquid, prevent the chemical substances from splashing down, and at the same time make the solid dust difficult to adhere.

6. It can effectively prevent harmful ultra-fine dust, high concentration of inorganic acids, alkalis and salt solutions.

7. Resistant to liquid impact.

8. It can prevent the invasion of body fluids, blood and blood pathogens.