Surgical pack is usually composed of large wraps, surgical drapes, and mayo stand cover. Other surgical accessories can be added or removed according to the specific requirements of the surgery. Surgical drape is the core of the entire surgical pack. According to many years of foreign clinical experience, the design concept and production process of surgical drape are more in line with the actual needs of surgery, and protect patients and medical staff more effectively. Its main characteristics are good water resistance (water-repellent non-woven fabric), good water absorption (absorbent non-woven fabric), high hydrostatic pressure, good flexibility, less lint, imported adhesive tape (non-allergenic), antistatic, anti-static Alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-oil pollution and other advantages.

Surgical pack categories include extremity surgery pack, cesarean section surgery pack, baby delivery pack, abdominal surgery pack, general surgery pack,angiography drape pack, cardiovascular surgery pack, eye surgery pack, dental surgery pack, brain surgery pack, ENT surgery pack, plastic surgery pack and so on.

C&P Non-woven Products Co., Ltd. has 13 years of experience in the production of disposable surgical packs and 3,000 square meters of 100,000 clean room (ISO8). It has passed CE and ISO13485 certification, meet EN13795 and FDA standard, and can provide you with a variety of high-quality non-woven surgical packs.