Disposable Surgical KN95 Protective Mask

Our masks are designed according to the curve of the human face, 3D three-dimensional cutting, it fits closely without gaps to improve the protective performance of the mask. Five-layer filtration, the filtration efficiency reaches 95%, effectively protecting the health of the people. The mask is made of skin-friendly plus soft non-woven fabric, which is hypoallergenic and non-irritating, with multiple protection, low resistance breathing, comfortable and breathable characteristics.

Product Description

Main Material

  1st layer 50gsm PP nonwoven(Waterproof)

  2nd layer 28gsm Meltblown nonwoven

  3rd layer 28gsm Meltblown nonwoven

  4th layer 50gsm Hot air cotton

  5th layer:30gsm PP nonwoven

White, green, blue available
Folding Earloop
20pcs/inner box, 50box/ctn
Carton Size
62x30x42cm, G.W/N.W:8.2kg/7kg
Daily Capacity

Composition Structure

1. The outermost layer is a non-woven fabric with waterproof treatment, which is mainly used to isolate the liquid sprayed by the patient and has the effect of preventing spray.

2. The second layer is hot air cotton, which mainly plays the role of heat insulation, moisture resistance, and improves the wearer's comfort.

3. The third layer and the fourth layer are two layers of melt blown cloth after electret treatment. The two layers of 28g melt blown cloth are used to ensure the basic filtration of bacterial suspended particles. It is the most important core layer.

4. The innermost layer is soft skin-friendly non-woven fabric, which is non-allergenic and improves the comfort of the wearer.

Product Features

Seamless fit, anti-fogging:

Tight fitting without gaps to improve the protective performance of masks

Adjustable nose bridge:

Better fit the face and firmer

Elastic ear straps:

Strong flexibility and stretch, comfortable to wear

Fold in half, 3D shape:

No glue bonding, the mask is durable and solid

Production Picture

How to use

1. Take out the mask then open;

2. The white muscles are facing the nose bridge above the face, the sharp corners of the mask are placed on the inside of the upper face to align the face;

3. Hang the ear loop on both ears, adjust the nose and press it;

4. Adjust the position of the mask so that the mask fits the face completely and keeps it tightly.