With the development of modern medicine, medical staff have great occupational risks due to work relations and working environment. They are exposed to toxic, harmful substances or pathogens of infectious diseases in the diagnosis, treatment and nursing activities, thereby damaging their health or endangering their lives. The World Health Organization's definition of standard prevention for medical personnel: all patients' blood, body fluids and articles contaminated with blood and body fluids are considered to be infectious pathogenic substances, and medical personnel must take protective measures when they come into contact with these substances. Personal protection is mainly the wearing of personal protective equipment and hand washing and disinfection.

Disposable surgical gowns are used by medical staff in medical units in clinical surgery operations to prevent the spread of infectious agents between patients and medical staff during surgical procedures and other invasive examinations. Disposable surgical gowns are divided into high performance and standard performance according to performance level. High-performance surgical gown: It is suitable for the operation of patients with known infectious virus in blood or unknown infectious virus in emergency rescue. Standard performance surgical gown: suitable for operations where there is no infectious virus in the blood of known patients.This product is a one-time product, which complies with the corresponding hygiene and quality standards stipulated by the World Health Organization. Cross-use is prohibited, and after use, it must be treated in accordance with the corresponding infectious waste treatment methods.

The sterile surgical gown is composed of SMS non-woven fabric and PE film. Features include:

1. Safe and convenient;

2. Affordable;

3. Double protection, protect patients from threats of infection and protect medical staff from reverse infection;

4. Comfortability;

5. Clean and dry, can effectively reduce postoperative infection rate;

6. Environmental protection and no pollution, the raw materials selected are clean and environmentally friendly, just burn or landfill;

7. Three-antibody function, anti-alcohol, anti-blood night, anti-static.