1. Wash hands and disinfect before wearing sterile surgical gowns . Grasp the top folded surgical gown with one hand, and take it up. Be careful not to contaminate the lower surgical gown. Lift the two ends of the collar of the surgical gown with both hands respectively, gently shake off the surgical gown, with the side with belt outwards, throw the surgical gown up slightly, insert both hands into the sleeve at the same time, extend the hand forward, the patrol nurse assists in dressing at the back, and make both hands extend out of the cuff. Lean forward slightly, make the belt drape away from the surgical gown, lift the left and right belts with both hands crossed and pass them back slightly, and then fasten them after the nurse takes them away from the back.

Wearing method of full covering surgical gowns: the dressing method is basically the same as that of back opening surgical gowns. The difference is that after wearing surgical gowns and gloves, the traveling nurse uses sterile holding forceps or equipment nurse to transfer the belt from the back to the front of the operator, and the operator ties the belt in front of the waist. The sterile surgical gowns can cover the back of the operator and make it a sterile area.

2. After the operation, if there is an operation, take off the disposable surgical gown first and then gloves. After the nurse unties the belt, she will fold the surgical gown from the back forward and take it off. Be careful to turn the wrist of the glove on the hand. First, pull the left hand sleeve to the palm of the left hand with the right hand, and then pull the left hand glove with the left hand. Finally, push the left hand glove on the palm of the left hand with the right hand. The whole process prevents the skin of the hand from contacting the outside of the glove. If the removed gloves are not broken, you don't need to brush your hands again. You only need to soak your arms in alcohol or benzalkonium solution for 5 minutes, and then wear sterile surgical clothes and gloves. If the previous operation was contaminated operation, no matter whether the gloves were broken or not, wash hands again during the operation.