Medical ENT Drape Pack Sterile ENT Drape Set

Disposable ENT surgical kits are specially designed to contain the necessary items for the ENT operation. They are packaged sterile to save time and reduce the costs of operating room set-up. Each pack contains the surgical items and a procedure-specific key sheet. The customized hospital use ENT drape pack can provide one-time protection during the surgery.

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  • ENT Pack

Product Features

1. Freedom of latex, health for the patient.

2. The drape isolate dirty, contaminated areas from clean areas to prevent the secondary pollution

3. Waterproof and absorbent material can prevent the fluid penetration.

4. The Isolation pack can collecting body and irrigation fluids

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Our Advantages

1. Our manufacture manager has 30 years experience of nonwoven surgical products.

2.The workers in the manufacture shop are more than 30 years old , most of them are local residents and they are responsible and stable.

3.The workers do not need work over time so they can work efficiency and correctly during work.

4.We have many Japan customers, they inspect our factory and are satisfied with us.

5.We have CE&ISO13485, TUV.

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