Universal Surgical Drape Pack Disposable General Surgery  Pack

Sterile nonwoven surgical drape packs are designed in accordance with procedure type to meet the needs of wound care, clinical examination, surgery prep and procedure. All general surgical packs are assembled using high quality under control working environment and surgical drapes are folded in a convenient way to save staff time.

Product Pictures

  • Universal Pack

  • Surgical Gown

  • Top Drape

  • Bottom Drape

  • Side Drape

  • Utility Drape

  • Mayo Stand Cover

  • Suture Bag

  • Hand Towel

Product Features

1.One time use without recycling and cleaning;

2.Clean and non-pollute, easy to degrade or incinerate;

3.Safety and comfort,it can better protect patients and staff from the spread of infection during surgery;

4.It has the property of liquid anti-seepage and anti-seepage.

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Our Certificates

Why Choose US!

1. Our manufacture manager has 30 years experience of nonwoven surgical products.

2.The workers in the manufacture shop are more than 30 years old , most of them are local residents and they are
 responsible and stable.

3.The workers do not need work over time so they can work efficiency and correctly during work.

4.We have many Japan customers, they inspect our factory and are satisfied with us.

5.We have CE&ISO13485, TUV.

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