Sterile Vaginal Delivery Pack Surgical Baby Birth Delivery Kits

The medical disposable gynecology surgical pack developed according to the requirements of general obstetrics and gynecology operation. It comprises all necessary components for before and after obstetrics and gynecology operation. It saves time and purchasing cost and reduces the risk of cross infection effectively. The kits contain a vast range of components and the components can be made as customer's request. 

Product Pictures

  • Delivery Pack

    Obstetrical Pack
  • Under Buttock Drape

    Under Buttock Drape
  • Surgical Gown

    Surgical Gown
  • Abdominal Drape

    Abdominal Drape
  • Baby Blanket

    Baby Blanket
  • Leggings

  • Syringe

  • Umbilical Cord Clamp

    Umbilical Cord Clamp
  • Set-Up Cover

    Set-Up Cover
  • Urine Container

    Urine Container
  • OB Pad

    OB Pad
  • Placenta Basin

    Placenta Basin
  • Obstetrical Pack

    Obstetrical Pack


1.Factory price

2.Safe packing

3.With EO sterile

4.With good absorbent

Delivery Pack


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1. We have basic universal pack, U-split sheet, hip pack, knee arthroscopy pack, extremity pack, urinary drape pack, T. U. R. pack, cystoscopy pack, brain-surgery pack, gynecological pack, caesarean pack, lithotomy pack, ophthalmology drape pack.

2. We can produce the drapes with all kinds of wide, color, weight.

3. We can laminate with two or three layers

4. We have assorted production lines

5. Good after sale service. We take care your complaints as we would like to be your long-term supplier!