The neurosurgery drape includes a main sheet, a reinforcement sheet, and a liquid collection pouch surrounding the opening area of the skull. Neurosurgery usually causes a large amount of fluid to flow out of the surgical site. Neurosurgery drapes can reduce potential contamination of the surgical area and effectively collect any irrigation fluids and body fluids.

Features of neurosurgery drapes:

1.3M incision film;

2. Effective absorption and fluid control support dry working areas;

3. Impermeable materials help prevent the transfer of microorganisms;

4. Use easily and efficiently.

When performing the following surgical operations, we can use neurosurgery drapes.

1. Anterior and posterior cervical disc surgery

2. Burr hole

3. Carpal tunnel release

4. Craniotomy

5. Laminectomy

6. Shunt

7. Spinal surgery