The banded bag is made of transparent and strong polyethylene film. It is a sterile, disposable and multi-purpose cover with elastic openings and non-abrasive edges, which can reduce the need for cleaning and disinfection of operating room equipment. The surgical equipment cover can be quickly and easily installed on various operating room equipment, and it can ensure that your equipment remains visible, and it can also protect your equipment from blood and moisture leakage. These banded bags are ideal for a wide range of applications in operating rooms, angiography rooms and catheterization rooms.


1. The banded bag covers the equipment and provides a sterile barrier between the equipment and the sterile area.

2. The transparent plastic film can visualize the equipment under the banded bag.

3. Can be used to cover a variety of equipment.

4. The banded bag has a latex-free elastic opening (elastic band), which can be used quickly and easily.

C&P banded bag provides you and your patients with a high level of comfort and breathability, while providing unparalleled security!