Disposable angiography drape pack include angiography surgical drape, plain surgical drape, surgical gown, table cover, mayo stand cover, hand towel, syringe, sterile needle, mosquito forcep and other accessories. Stack them together in the wrapper, the wrapping cloth is folded into a square shape and placed in a medical sterilization unidirectional air-permeable sealed bag. Angiography surgical drape, plain surgical drape, surgical gown, table cover and other accessories in the surgical pack are mainly made of non-woven materials. The fabric is lightweight, soft and comfortable. Its main characteristics are good water absorption, good flexibility, less lint, antistatic, anti alcohol, anti plasma, anti oil stain and so on. It can effectively block the penetration of liquid and bacteria, which is easy to operate and prevent cross-infection. Angiography surgery pack has prepared a comprehensive auxiliary accessories for angiography surgery. These auxiliary accessories are packed in a sealed bag and can be easily carried. At the same time, it is very convenient to handle these auxiliary accessories after the operation.

Features and advantages of C&P non woven angiography surgery pack:

1. Comply with EU EN 13795 and the highest protection level AAMI Level 4 of the American national standard;

2. Medical grade professional non-woven fabric coating material, with water absorption and anti-leakage functions;

3. Excellent barrier performance for fine dust and liquid;

4. No flocculent particles are produced;

5. A water-absorbing reinforcement sheet is covered around the surgical hole to prevent the spread of liquid or blood produced during the operation.

When it is necessary to prepare for angiography surgery, the medical staff in the operating room can directly take out the angiography surgery pack and use it. All required surgical instruments can be quickly prepared and arranged, which greatly shorten the preparation time for surgery and increase the work efficiency and accuracy of the medical staff in the operating room.