After the skin of the surgical site is disinfected, the doctors and instrument nurses who perform the disinfection will spread sterile towels around the operation area in order, and then cover the sterile surgical sheets. The methods of covering surgical sterile towels and sheets for limb surgery are as follows:

1. 11 tablecloths were placed under the operative limb;

2. Fold a piece of treatment towel in half, from top to around or thigh root and tourniquet, fixed with a cloth towel clamp;

3. 1 large sheet, cover the countertop;

4. Folded one piece of the middle sheet, wrap the end of the surgical limb, and fix it with a sterile bandage;

5. One large sheet, cover the upper body and head frame, and fix the connection of the two large sheets with two cloth towel pliers;

6. Lay a surgical drape, and the limbs on the operative side spread out from the air.

The purpose of surgical drapes is to prevent bacteria from entering the incision. Therefore, the sterile drapes should be kept dry.