Before lower extremity surgery, the laying of surgical drapes is essential. The laying steps of surgical sterile drapes are as follows:

1. Place two middle sheets horizontally under the affected limb from the buttocks down and cover both lower limbs;

2. Double-fold a piece of treatment towel around the upper part of the surgical site, wrap the balloon tourniquet, and fix it with a towel clamp;

3. The double fold sheet wraps the area below the surgical field of view and fixes it with a bandage;

4. Place the middle sheet on the upper edge of the surgical site to cover the upper body, and fix the joint with the middle sheet under the affected limb with two tissue forceps. In the case of thigh or knee surgery, the surgical abdominal drape sheet or T-shaped abdominal sheet should be spread, with the affected limb extending from the hole;

5. Put a middle sheet under the operation site.