Surgical gowns are special clothing that the hospital requires medical staff to wear during surgery. So what characteristics should the medical surgical gown have to meet the requirements?

1. The sterility of surgical gowns: The hospital requires medical staff to wear special surgical gowns when performing operations. For the sake of safety, it is necessary to ensure that the surgical gown is 100% sterile, so it is necessary to carry out absolutely strict sterilization and disinfection treatment to ensure the best protective effect. Surgical gowns are mostly non-woven fabrics, which can be used only after a series of disinfection treatments. In order to ensure health and hygiene, most surgical gowns are disposable, so as to effectively avoid cross-infection on the operating table.

2. Breathability and firmness of surgical gowns: It takes a lot of time for doctors to perform an operation, so we need to ensure the comfort and breathability of surgical gowns. After all, the medical staff are always in a very tense state during the operation, so it is necessary to ensure that they are comfortable and to prevent damage to the surgical gown.

3. The antistatic property of the surgical gown: In winter, the surgical gown should be able to resist static electricity very well. And for some chemicals and bacteria, it can play a good role in resisting.

The characteristics of the surgical gown must be very suitable for the operating environment, so that the operation can be completed smoothly.