In the process of medical surgery, the use of disposable surgical drapes is essential. When blood, body fluids and medical fluids flow out, the surgical drape is required to have good absorbability. Not only that, the surgical drape must also prevent the leakage of liquid, reduce environmental pollution and cross-infection of the surgical environment, and prevent the liquid from splashing on the medical staff and affecting the safety of the medical staff. So what materials can meet these requirements?

The main materials for making surgical drape are as follows:

1. SMS non-woven fabric

Features: Efficient barrier performance, effectively preventing the invasion of microorganisms. It has strong waterproof performance, prevents liquid from seeping in, and the material is dense and rarely falls.

2. PE film composite impregnated non-woven fabric

Features: Efficient isolation performance, effectively preventing microbial invasion, and at the same time bringing comfort to surgical patients. The PE layer is isolated from water and bacteria to prevent the infiltration of liquid and back flow to the wound. At the same time, the sterilized impregnated non-woven fabric has strong water absorption capacity of 8 times of its own weight, which can absorb bleeding during the operation and avoid cross-infection. The material is dense and rarely drops.