The disposable non-woven shoe cover is made of high-quality non-woven materials, which has the functions of anti-skid, rain proof and anti-static, with strong practicability and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for cleaning workshop, precision electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, hospital equipment factory, reception room, household cleaning, etc. It is used to isolate the pollution of human shoes to the production environment. It also save the trouble of entering the door to change shoes and the embarrassment of taking off shoes. just put it on and use it!


1) Ventilation

2) Filterability

3) Thermal insulation

4) Water absorption

5) Waterproof

6) Scalability

7) It feels good and soft

8) Highly elastic rubber band, recoverable and more comfortable to wear

9) Compared with textile fabrics, it has high productivity and fast production speed

10) Fixed size, not easy to deform


1) Compared with textile fabrics, the strength and durability are poor

2) It can't be cleaned like any other cloth