There are many kinds of masks on the market, so how can we choose the suitable one? Let's introduce how to choose the right mask according to the scene.

(1) Disposable medical mask: it is generally used in non-crowded public places.

(2) Medical surgical masks: passengers and drivers taking public transportation, taxi drivers, sanitation workers and service personnel in public places.

(3) KN95 / N95 protective mask: used by on-site investigation, sampling and inspection personnel; in highly crowded places and closed public places.

(4) Medical protective mask: It is recommended for medical staff in fever clinic and isolation ward, and confirmed to be worn by patients.

(5) Dust-proof mask and activated carbon mask: 1. Dust-proof mask: wear when the air haze is serious. 2. Activated carbon mask: workers with dust, poisonous gas and smoke in the working environment.

(6) Cotton mask and sponge mask: keep warm when the air pollution is not very serious and the weather is cold.