Sterile mayo stand cover is made of high-quality hydrophilic PP+PE and SMS+PE materials. It is used to cover mayo stand during surgery to provide adequate barrier protection. It is specially designed to maintain the aseptic state of mayo, and is a necessity of hospital aseptic environment. The mayo stand cover is sterile and can be used for one time.


1. Soft and foldable

2. Various sizes are available for you to choose

3. Composed of high-quality hydrophilic PP+PE and SMS+PE materials, with extremely high barrier strength;

4. Sterile and disposable

Draping mayo stand cover:

1.The scrub picks up the mayo stand cover to drape the mayo stand. Then use one foot to stabilize the mayo stand, and cover the end of mayo stand with the mayo stand cover. The circulator assistant pulled the mayo stand cover to cover the entire stand.

2. The scrub tucks the extra width of the mayo stand cover under the tray so that no excess mayo stand cover will hang down beneath the stand.

Note: When the scrubber leaves the stand after placing the mayo stand cover, both the scrubber and the assistant need to stabilize the stand with their feet in place.