Hand hygiene refers to methods that can remove microbes from the skin of the watch, including hand washing and sterilizing hand washing. The hand hygiene of doctors is extremely important to the quality of surgery. Hand hygiene can reduce the possibility of infection after surgery and is the most effective way to prevent, control and reduce nosocomial infections.

1. Common hand-drying measures

Although there are detailed regulations on hand hygiene, there are no clear regulations on hand-drying measures after hand washing. Unreasonable hand-drying measures will lead to secondary pollution of hands. After washing hands, medical staff can use tools such as dry towels, dryers, paper towels to dry their hands.

Hand towel

After washing hands with a public towel, the bacteria on the hands of the medical staff were tested. The results showed that the average number of bacterial colonies on the hands of the medical staff was 18.5cfu / cm2, which was investigated and analyzed. The results showed that the public towels of the medical staff were humid and not replaced in time, and the towels used repeatedly were contaminated, and it was easy to cause secondary pollution when they were used again. In addition, damp towels can easily cause bacteria to multiply. If the towel cannot be replaced, cleaned and disinfected in time, it is easy to cause secondary pollution and affect hand hygiene.

Hand dryer

Hand dryers are also a type of hand-drying equipment commonly used in public places. However, due to the high price and high noise of hand dryers, there are fewer operating rooms in hospitals. In addition, dryers can cause the spread of pathogenic bacteria in water. Therefore, hand dryers are not a good way to dry hands in the operating room.

Sterilized disposable paper towels

Sterilized disposable paper towels are a commonly used hand-drying method in hospital operating rooms. They have the advantages of cheap price, convenient use, clean and sanitary, non-irritating, easy to be accepted by medical staff, saving human capital for cleaning and disinfection.

2. Comparison of hand towels and disposable paper towels

2.1 Comparison of the number of colonies after drying hands with a hand towel and disposable paper towels

The effect of using a public hand towel to dry hands is significantly lower than that of disposable paper towels. After using a public towel to wipe hands, 50% of the medical staff's hand hygiene does not meet the hygiene standards, and the number of colonies is up to 61.33CFU / cm2. Use disposable paper towels to wipe hands, the highest bacterial colony is 8.83CFU / cm2. Therefore, sterilized disposable paper towels can effectively reduce the possibility of secondary infection.

2.2 Economic comparison of hand towels and disposable paper towels

During the use of hand towels, regular cleaning and disinfection work is required. Therefore, the cost of towels and the water and disinfectant costs for cleaning and disinfection need to be included. The monthly cost is about 164.28 RMB.

Sterilized disposable paper towels are in the form of paper towel boxes and paper towels. The paper towel boxes are fixed. Only regular cleaning is used during normal use. Non-disposable paper towels are disposable cleaning paper towels purchased at a monthly cost of about 104.4 RMB .

Therefore, the cost of using sterilized hand towels in the operating room is lower than that of hand towels. Long-term use will not only increase the cost, but may reduce the operating costs of the department.

2.3 Convenience comparison of hand towels and disposable paper towels

The medical staff in the operating room is busy and the time is tight. Therefore, the convenience of hand-drying measures in the operating room is very important.

In the process of using disinfecting hand towels, many people need to wait after washing their hands together, and after washing hands, they need to clean, disinfect, sterilize, and dry the towels. The procedure is cumbersome. To use sterilized disposable paper towels, simply place the paper towels in a tissue box at regular intervals, draw the paper towels to dry them during use, and put the used paper towels in the trash.

2.4 Comparison of management of hand towels and disposable paper towels

In the management of the operating room, hand towels require multiple procedures such as cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, and drying, which require higher management. The management measures required for the use of sterilized disposable tissues in the operating room are relatively simple, and they can be placed in the corresponding position, but care should be taken to save paper, avoid waste, and not throw away anywhere.

In summary, the disposable paper towels not only have a good hand drying effect, but also are simple and convenient to use, more economical, and are a better choice for hand drying measures in the operating room.