Sterilization packaging materials are necessary consumables for hospitals. Its important role is to avoid the re contamination of sterilized disposable surgical packs by bacteria in the environment during aseptic storage and transmission. The quality of sterilization of medical surgical pack is directly related to the medical quality and medical safety. With the continuous development of sterilization technology, hospital sterilization packaging materials, from cotton cloth to wrinkled paper, non-woven fabric, paper plastic packaging bags, sterilization boxes, etc., are gradually replaced. The storage time of sterilized articles is affected by many factors such as medical packaging materials, packaging methods, sterilization conditions, storage environment, etc.

1. characteristics of different medical packaging materials

Commonly used medical packaging materials mainly include cotton cloth, disposable medical non-woven fabric, disposable medical wrinkle paper, etc.

Medical disposable non-woven fabric and medical disposable wrinkle paper are gradually replacing the traditional cotton wrapped fabric as new sterilization packaging materials. The utility model has the advantages of good air permeability, convenient entry and removal of sterilization medium, good barrier performance of microorganism and dust, proper tensile strength and tear resistance, low chip dropping, water resistance, innocuity and convenience for post-treatment, etc.

2. antibacterial effect and cost comparison of disposable medical non-woven fabric, traditional cotton wrapped fabric and paper plastic bag

Through the comparison and analysis of the antibacterial effect and cost of non-woven fabric, cotton cloth and paper plastic bag. The sterilization effect of paper plastic bag and medical disposable non-woven packaging is better than that of cotton packaging. The validity period of disposable non-woven sterilization packaging can reach 180 days; the validity period of paper plastic bag packaging can reach 180 days; the validity period of all cotton sterilization packaging is only 30 days. From the cost comparison: medical disposable non-woven fabric and paper plastic bag are better than all cotton.


The validity period of the sterilized instrument package packaged with disposable non-woven fabric and paper plastic bag can reach 180 days (6 months), which is consistent with the results of WS / t310.2-2009 of the specification for hospital disinfection supply center issued by the Ministry of health. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the use frequency and validity of sterile medical devices, disposable non-woven fabric and paper plastic bags are more suitable for medical sterilization packaging materials.